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Introduction to Vicodin

Vicodin is a highly prescribed combination medicine. The major purpose of this product is to treat moderate to acute pain. It contains a combination of acetaminophen [non-opioid pain killer] and hydrocodone [opioid pain killer].

Due to the presence of acetaminophen, Vicodin may also used as a fever reducer.

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Uses of Vicodin

  • Vicodin can be used to treat pain after surgical processes, such as dental procedures and other medical condition treatments.
  • Vicodin may help to treat pain caused by trauma or severe injury.
  • Healthcare experts prescribe this drug to treat the discomfort and pain that comes with cancer treatments.
  • Vicodin may lower pain from chronic conditions like lower back pain and arthritis.
  • If you suffer from menstrual cramps, headaches, and other kinds of pain, you may buy Vicodin online overnight under the guidance of an experienced healthcare expert.

Off-label uses of Vicodin

  • Vicodin can be used off-label as a cough suppressant due to the presence of hydrocodone.
  • Healthcare experts may prescribe this drug to treat specific types of neuropathic pain.

Typical dosing for the drug- Vicodin

Vicodin 5mg/300mg

Adult dose– The primary adult dosage is 1 or 2 pills every four to six hours as required for pain. The maximum daily dosage should not be more than 8 pills. Your healthcare expert may change the dose according to your current health condition.

Vicodin 7.5mg/300mg

Adult dose– The primary adult dosage is one pill every 4-6 hours, as required for ongoing pain. You should not consume more than six pills daily. Your healthcare expert can adjust your dose according to your condition.

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Physical appearance of Vicodin

Strength- 500mg/5mg

  • Color– White
  • Imprint– VICODIN
  • Shape– Oval

Strength- 300mg/5mg

  • Color– White
  • Imprint– VICODIN 5 300
  • Shape– Oval

Strength- 750mg/7.5mg

  • Color– White
  • Imprint– VICODIN ES
  • Shape– Oval

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Essential tips for using Vicodin

  • While using Vicodin, you should follow the instructions of your healthcare expert.
  • You should not increase your dose without consulting your healthcare expert. Excess amounts of this drug may cause liver issues.
  • Avoid sharing Vicodin with others, mainly someone with a past experience of drug addiction or abuse. Misuse of narcotics can be the reason for overdose, dependency, or even death.
  • If you are using Vicodin for a longer period, you should not stop taking it suddenly. Doing so may cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms. Ask your healthcare expert how to stop taking Vicodin safely.
  • Keep this medication at room temperature, away from extreme humidity, sunrays, and moisture.

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Warnings and risks for Vicodin

Breathing issues

The chance for severe respiratory issues is increased when you start this drug and after a dose increase or if you use the wrong dose.

Avoid combining with alcohol or other drugs

Using Vicodin with alcoholic beverages or other medications that may cause drowsiness may cause severe adverse reactions, including death.

Before using Vicodin

Before starting your treatment with Vicodin, inform your healthcare expert your medical condition, mainly of-

  • Brain disorder, liver/kidney issues
  • Breathing issues, intestinal/stomach issues
  • Diarrhea, constipation
  • Gallbladder disease

Harmful for a newborn and nursing baby

If you are planning for a baby while using narcotic medicine, your newborn may become dependent on the medication. It may cause unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms in a newborn child.

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Potential adverse reactions

Let your healthcare expert know if you have signs of an allergic reaction to this medicine, such as

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of your body parts, hives

You may inform your pharmacists immediately if you notice-

  • Sexual issues, impotence
  • Shallow, noisy breathing
  • Unusual behavior or thoughts, confusion

Common side effects

  • Headache, drowsiness
  • Constipation, upset stomach
  • Blurred vision, dry mouth

Rare side effects

  • Hearing loss
  • changes in mood
  • Nervousness or fear

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